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British Red Cross First Aid Training

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

A small team from the British Red Cross work with organisations and community groups in the West Midlands who support people that are facing higher risks of needing first aid, in particular adults over 65 and people who are more at risk of slips, trips and falls.

The Everyday First Aid programme is provided free of charge and has been created to deliver basic first aid skills that are simple to learn and easy to remember. We aim to make the sessions both informative and enjoyable for those taking part and find this flexible approach helps to create an informal learning environment, which in turn helps participants to relax and have fun while learning new skills and building confidence along the way

 Content for the course would look at teaching skills such as: broken bone, head injuries, stroke, heart attack, heavy bleeding, burns, how to look after someone who is unresponsive and breathing, also how to look after someone is unresponsive and not breathing. A training defibrillator would be used  to enable participants to practice using it to build confidence and ease any fears.

We will be organizing some sessions soon, so please check the website for any updates.

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